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Bracebridge BIA
The Bracebridge BIA launched a Request for Proposal with Danielís being selected to create their website. With meetings and much preparation in place the development process and schedule was clearly defined.

The design is very photographic and highlights key landmarks in Bracebridgeís Downtown. The website was divided into two specific areas: Visitors and Members.

The business directory is powered by a searchable database and has search capabilities. The BIA manager and board were very happy with the completed website.

Bracebridge BIA


Ontario Municipal Administrator's Assocation - Muskoka
Danielís was selected to develop a conference website for the Ontario Municipal Administratorís Association 2007 event. The design in mind was a clean, professional layout yet enhanced with a photographic "Muskoka feel". It was crucial that the website be launched in the specified timeline for the opening of registration.

Both coordinators of the District were pleased with the outcome of the design and itís timeliness.

OMAA Muskoka


Billingsley Funeral Home
The goal in designing this site was to create a comforting, warm and welcoming atmosphere. The colors and design were carefully chosen to reflect the Billingsley's desired goal. The Billingsley's were very impressed with the site upon completion.

"As owners...it was our pleasure to contract [Daniel]...to design and manage our website. Daniel brought many excellent ideas. The nature of our business requires special considerations for marketing and this situation was handled very well. Since our website was launched, the response has been nothing but positive. I would not hesitate to recommend Daniel for website design and maintenance."

-Susan Billingsley
(Past President of the Huntsville/Lake of Bays Chamber of Commerce)

Billingsley Funeral Home


Rapid Nail Canada
By name this company's site necessitated characteristics of action, precision and delivery! Hence the "studded" navigation symbols, a contemporary and fast corporate look leaving plenty of room for supplier's logos that immediately draw a viewer's attention to their company's quality products.

Additional features: This site also contains a customized and very user friendly Content Management System designed by Daniel's.

"... Daniel's Computer Services & Web Design developed a web site... we are currently using and building upon. We found Daniel to be knowledgeable and professional... working with us to discover... our needs. He custom built our web site based on what worked best for our customers. Daniel stayed within the target budget that we gave... and there were no surprises.

I would recommend Daniel highly to any individual or company seeking the services that he provides."

-Russ Buckerfield
(Rapid Nail Canada Inc)

Rapid Nail Canada Inc


Hutcheson Sand & Mixes
Hutcheson Sand & Mixes serves clients around the world including the Olympics and many prestigious golf courses. Daniel's designed Hutcheson's text slogan artwork to help support their company's uniqueness above their competitors. Daniel's also worked using specific colour coordination at the company's request.

Additional features: Hutcheson Sand & Mixes also contains a customized News Management System designed by Daniel's with very user friendly features.

Hutcheson Sand & Mixes


Fowler Construction Company Ltd
Fowler Construction Company was preparing to launch a new website with their independent graphics artist. Daniel's was contacted to complete the technical development in collaboration with both parties to achieve Fowler Construction's objectives for the website. All were pleased with the team spirited relationship and the website's final outcome.
Fowler Construction Company Ltd


Peninsula Lake Association
As a non-profit organization this site was designed within budget. Both the executive and the board were very pleased overall. The website features an online contact/inquiry form. Once submitted it is automatically delivered to every Board Member which in turn provides an efficient method of current communication.

Daniel's continues to host and serve any maintenance and updates for the Peninsula Lake Association website.

As the Peninsula Lake Association, we're striving to maintain a timely... professional website... several features important to its members and Board of Directors. Daniel responded promptly to our call... understanding our wish list he built the Peninsula Lake site.

The work was as requested by the Board who had little concept as to how this would be achieved. Since its launch the site has been tweaked with further enhancements to capture the needs requested.

Daniel routinely maintains the site with our additions and deletions completed in a very timely manner.

Association members have on several occasions expressed their pleasure with the web set up, being able to navigate the pages and obtain timely information.

As web coordinator I am pleased and have recommended Danielís work to other similar organizations.

- Wim Magee
(Website Coordinator - Board Member)

Peninsula Lake Association


Huntsville Suzuki School
The Huntsville Suzuki School of Music chose Danielís for the redevelopment of their website. The website was refreshed with some new graphics, a user-friendly navigation experience, new content, online student registration and a memberís only access area.

Danielís was able to achieve the objectives to redefine the websiteís usefulness and capabilities. Finally, the structure was setup in an easy to modify format with the use of maintenance software.

Huntsville Suzuki School


HRC Insurance
Daniel's Computer Services & Web Design cosmetically "enhanced" the appearance of the HRC Insurance Website. HRC has been pleased with their new enhanced professional look, and have since returned for further service.

If you have a need for further Website Enhancement/Management, Daniel's Computer Services & Web Design is ready to help you reach your next professional and newly desired level.

" Daniel...has displayed professionalism as a young entrepreneur. He has given our Site a new enhanced look, with colourful photos, and a new friendly navigation system. Daniel's prompt return of emails has shown his professional ability. Daniel has been a positive attribute...which compliments our organization. Please feel free to contact me at (705) 645-8757."
-Adam Caswell
(Hutcheson, Reynolds & Caswell Insurance Brokers Limited)

HRC Insurance Inc


Rock Ridge Recreation Park
Rock Ridge was in need of a more suitable design in order to give their business both the appropriate "feel" ("dreamy", "fun" and "Walt Disney-like"), plus colour textures that matched their latest brochure.

The approach was also to attract all family ages & highlight that they are open all year round (summer & winter). Their response? "That's just what we wanted!"

" I have always found it a pleasure to do business with Daniel's. I'm able to count on reliability and professionalism."
-Cindy Thompson
(Rock Ridge Recreation Park)
Rock Ridge Tubing


Muskoka Mist B & B
Muskoka Mist preferred to use the moon and pine-tree scene of their logo as the key signature identification of their business throughout their site. Having this as a forefront goal the other was to maintain a "mist-like" effect to establish a "country setting". The colours were carefully chosen to enhance this overall effect and present Muskoka Mist as it is, an attractive B & B to reside at in the Muskoka area.

"Daniel's design of our website is spectacular! We have had nothing but positive feedback from everyone who has visited www.muskokamist.com. We are both very pleased with his professional attitude and are most impressed with the creativity he brought to the designing of our website. We have not hesitated to recommend Daniel to our friends and associates."

- Marlene O'Hara & Rick Petch
(Muskoka Mist B & B)

Muskoka Mist B & B

Huntsville Hawks Junior B Lacrosse
Lacrosse is a sport that speaks of agility, speed, contact, excitement, etc. The opening splash page sought to capture all of these characteristics as much as possible within the required budget. The overall atmosphere and feel with the two coloured background presents a "cool" look. The executive was pleased with the representation that the site portrayed.
Hunstville Hawks Junior B Lacrosse


Kahshe Boat Works
Kahshe Boat Works launches a nice "commercial-like" flash entry on the opening splash page to creatively generate an immediate call even before the viewer has ventured on further into the website. If this style of web-entry appeals to you, meets your business' needs and objectives, give Daniel's a call today for further details.
Kahshe Boat Works


The Doggie Motel
The Doggie Motel is a welcoming and informative site where potential clients are to get most of their questions answered. The design was to express a fun, exciting and safe haven of rest for the client's pets. It has a main navigation roll-over appearance of a dog out for a run on a path.
The Doggie Motel


Torrance Funeral Home & Chapel
Torrance Funeral Home's website features a dynamically generated home page that always appears "fresh" when re-visited, that is, a new picture appears in the main body. This site is well dressed and decorated with elegance and dignity to express warmth and comfort to all that will call upon the services of Torrance Funeral Home in their time of need.


Tranquil Woods B & B - Victorian Inn
The second enhanced design for this B & B worked in accordance to the desires of the owners demonstrates the teamwork approach that Daniel's is able to provide to clients. The warm colours offer a warm welcome and hospitality that this B & B would like their visitors to feel and appreciate along with their elegance and decor.
Tranquil Woods Victorian Inn


Hall Construction Inc
The "entry/splash page" theme was tailored according to the client's desire, from which two other websites were integrated and designed within the project. Graphic Rollover Links give the overall project a unique flair, and an effective sequenced animated gif gives the Georgian Rock home page an immediate demonstrative selling feature to the viewer.
Hall Construction Inc

Do you like what you see? Please contact Daniel's Computer Services & Web Design to discuss what would be best suited to your business.

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